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Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Last night while I was laying in bed reading, about midnight, there was all these sirens heard and then blue lights went whizzing past the end of the road. Now I must have been half asleep at this point because I was convinced it was a Yeah I know daft or what!!?? Anyway it wasnt it turned out to be fire engines, and they were going to bowling alley opposite us. Someone had set light to the area's surrounding it..little shits.!! Well I assume it was someone, it might have been the heat that set the grass on light. Anyway they were there till at least 1.30am, and all you could smell was smoke..ugh!! And guess who was hanging out the back bedroom window...yep me!!!!

Anyway after these engines disappeared, I started to settle back down. Only to hear a bloody walky talkie..doh!! A walky talkie in my road..what the?? Ok so off I trot to our bedroom window and there was a white police van parked outside at the end of the road, and policemen wandering up and down the road looking in all the nooks and crannies, then they went down our side alley. Hmmmm hope they were prepared to climb over the woodland to get out the other side.. which they obviously did as I saw them patrolling up and down the alley and round by the derelict garages. Oh gods what on earth was going on..

Anyway I think they finally left about 2.30am. What an evening, and bloody typical the night I go to bed early to read this happens. I knew I should have stayed

Please let tonight be uneventful, and I might actually stay up tonight instead of going to bed.

Flying towards my dreams @5:10 pm

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