Mondays questions...
Monday, July 11, 2005

1. What book are you currently reading?
The Baby Trail by Sinead Moriarty

2. Have you ever experienced the loss of a pet? How did you deal with it? Would you get a new pet, and why?
Yes I have lost my cat Fred, that I had with me when I settled into my first flat at the age of 18. She died about 6 years later. She was a big black feral cat, and she was her own boss. She didnt like OH and would often sit between us when we were sitting on the sofa together. Unfortunately she died while we were on holiday so we didnt really deal with it I suppose. I did get another cat though as my other cat Barney would have started to pine. Sadly Pebbles, the new cat, didnt survive for very long and died at 6 months old. Thsi was a bit sad as we think she had been hit by a car not far from where we lived. We waited about three months before getting Smudge, my younger cat, because Barney did actually start to go off her food and was very verbal and kept looking for Pebbles. Then a couple of years ago my beloved dog Patch died of old age - 18yrs. I didnt deal with this either I suppose, because within three days I had already got Scruffy, my totally daft 3yr old fox hound, who is the light of my life.

3. Is anyone in your family in the armed services?
No we dont have anyone in the forces.

4. If you have or have had a boyfriend, did you tell your parents about him without them prying for the information?

Yes I did keep one of my boyfriends from my parents, because they thought he was a bad influence. The funny thing is we had known each other since junior school and it was almost a natural progression to start going out when we were 14yrs. We had been through junior and senior school together. But I knew if I told them I was seeing him they wouldnt be too happy. Sadly the relationship failed when my best mate started going out with him.

5. What was your favorite childhood pet and tell me a few things about it.

My favourite childhood pet was my Patchy. He was a beared collie, and we had him as a puppy when I was three. He was like my best mate. I used to push him around in my dolls pram, and dress him up in my dolls clothes. One time I covered him in talc and even cut his eyebrows off..:-) We even used to share the dog biscuits together. Yep me and Patchy were the best of buddies.

6. Have you ever been in love?

Yes I fell in love with someone who was very dear to me 5 years ago, sadly we arent together anymore..and he isnt my husband either... I realised at the time that it was pure love and that I hadnt experienced anything like it before, and doubt I will ever again. I will always love this person to my dying day.

7. What's your favorite activity?
Well I have several, cooking, reading, cross stitch..
Flying towards my dreams @2:07 pm

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