Inane ramblings - Part 1
Monday, April 25, 2005

I say part 1, as I will probably put another post up before I go to bed.

I want to know why doesnt my dog decide to bark when he wants to go outside in the garden? He just sits there wagging his tail. Now how I am supposed to see he is wagging his tail from the other end of the room, when I am sitting on the sofa with my back to him I have no idea, may be thinks I have xray vision..oooh how I wish :-) Then when he wants to come in, does he make a noise? Does he heck as like!! Nope, he just sits there on the patio looking in the door. I think I am going to have to get an automatic door release then train him to put his foot on oooh now thats an idea, wonder if anyone has every thought of that - kind of like a catflap without the flap Now I could make millions out of this :-)

Went to the inlaws at the weekend - not a lot to say on that as per Did have a nice meal at Grimaldi's restaurant in East Dean on Sunday, and we are going back there in July for FIL 75th birthday meal.

Had a pleasant discussion with MIL, she was trying to remember how old I was and she thought I was only 30yrs old, bless her. She seemed actually quite surprised when I told her I was 37.. Maybe I do look younger than I am, is that a good thing or not..???

And that is all for part one of my inane ramblings... :)
Flying towards my dreams @8:02 pm

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