This is so true
Thursday, April 21, 2005

I found this while browsing through another blog "Chickadee" and I hope she doesnt mind me putting this up, but all credit goes to her and I think this is such a poignant piece and I can so relate to it.

One Last Try

hi, sorry to bother you,
I just had something I needed to say
I don't know if you'll like it
I'm afraid of what it might do
you might just turn you're back on me
but I have to take that chance

I know you've lived a lifetime
in the years we've been apart
made your way and done great things.
I've had my share of adventures, too,
loving, living, trying life on for size.
but here in your arms again
those years just disappear and I'm yours.

I'm sorry I'm a little late
took a wrong turn somewhere out west
zigged when I shoulda zagged
made a left when I shoulda went right
but I'm here with you now
and I still love you
I'm ready for my life to begin

I know I let you down
I know I hurt you
You found love and comfort
in the arms of another
she held you and kept you whole
but in the end she only let you down
can it be my turn again?


I wouldn't blame you
if you hate me for what I've done
and I couldn't blame you
if you can't forgive me for leaving you alone
you have every right
to tell me I had my chance and lost it
but I couldn't sleep without telling you


one last try, my love
we belong together
one last try, my love
the future could be ours
one last try, my love
let's make our family whole
please, say you'll give us one last try

I know its late and I am getting maudlin, so I think I had better go to bed before I start typing about something I shouldnt do..and yes I do still miss the words someone said to me before.."I love you Nat"
Flying towards my dreams @12:22 am

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