A pondering thought about souls..
Wednesday, November 16, 2005

I have been giving this a lot of thought recently, well mainly since we have had Ollie my 5 year old cat.

Barney was a special cat, some would call a familiar, the way she behaved around me. She was always there with me when I was distressed, knew when I was coming home from somewhere etc.. she was in tune with my moods, in tune with absolutely everything about me. She had her funny little quirks, some were annoying and some were endearing.. But what I did know is that Barney would never leave me in life or even in death. She was truly a special cat and I was honoured to be her owner. But what I have noticed is that Ollie is doing absolutely everything that Barney used to do, sleep in her favourite places, sit in all her places.. know when I am upset, everything..as in he is in tune with me. And this is only after 6 weeks of owning him.

What I have been thinking is, is it possible for a soul of a cat that died to go into a cat that has been living for a while. As in the living cat almost takes on the dead cats soul I suppose, but still have their own quirks etc.. Now bearing in mind Ollie is 5, and Barney was 18y when she died - this just doesnt seem possible but it seems to be. Barney was still living when Ollie was born, so it cant be possible can it?

It is really weird, when Ollie is near me it is like Barney is there too. Ollie curls up with me at night while I am on the laptop in exactly the same places that Barney did, he even sleeps outside the airing cupboard door in exactly the same position that Barney used to be in.. it is so eerie.

When Ollie looks at me, it is almost as though he is looking deep into my soul with his eyes, as though he knows what I am thinking, as though he has known me before.

How can this be, when we have only had him for 6 weeks..
Flying towards my dreams @12:39 pm

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