Not a lot to put - bully cat and throat
Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Haven't got a lot to put, but I do know that Ollie, our newish cat, is starting to assert himself. He has discovered he can bully my dog If Bear is wanting to get past Ollie, then Ollie wont let him.. he sits there all proud and just stares at Bear. I found a typical example of this just now - I could hear Bear but I couldnt see I looked around and there he was perched on the last stair of our stairway and who was sitting at the bottom..yep Ollie. He was just sitting there all puffed up and looking quite scary to the Ooops mustn't laugh but it was so funny to see this 3stone of a dog scared to go past this 1stone of a cat..

Anyway I called Bear and told him to just go past Ollie, so he did, and Ollie didnt do a

Then to add insult to injury Smudge, my oldest cat, just went to sleep on Bears doggy bed. Poor Bear he is getting a rough deal at the I just wish he wasn't such a wimp with the cats.. outdoors he is all big and brave and can stand up for himself but as soon as he goes through the front door its like another dog..

I'm not feeling too good either today, have had signs of my neck glands starting to swell the past couple of days, and this morning I woke up with one side of my neck looking like a football..and my glands on that side are killing me. I dont really feel ill, just tired and achey, not sure if its a countereffect of the sinusitis I have just got over.

Well driving should be interesting later when I go for my appointment, I cant turn my neck to the left without

Oh and a bit of good news, I am a happy bunny as I have now got Bon Jovi's new album, Il Divo's new one and I am trying out Evanescence's Fallen album. Also have got Ozzy Osbourne's new one "Under Covers" and Deep Purple's "Rapture of The Deep" for D.

*Breaking news = David Seaman (Arsenal Goalkeeper) has just had his famous ponytail chopped off live on "This Morning" on ITV at 11.20am today.."
Flying towards my dreams @11:21 am

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