All alone and feeling sorry for myself..
Saturday, November 26, 2005

Actually I'm not all alone really, I have the furbabies here with me..and one of them (Smudge) is curled up with me as I write this.. I think it is something to do with me still having my dressing gown

D has gone down the railway to play with the steam trains all day, and I am just sitting here trying to get myself going. It didnt help I didnt even hear him go shopping early this morning, and I was just waking up as he was getting ready to go out to the railway at 10ish..ooops!! Bad natty :-(

My sinus headache has finally gone, after two weeks - but the sinuses havent sorted themselves out yet. Now the pain is in my left hand side of my face, and my jaw is playing up, as well as the pain across the bridge of my nose..aaaaaah!! I think its time to get some professional

Have to sort out the networking while D is out today, he wants to use his computer tomorrow and wont appreciate it if I havent got his comp and my lappy hooked up, seeing as I did drag him out last Sunday before going to the inlaws, to buy the networking bits we needed. And ever since it has been sitting upstairs in the boxes, and I have the main cable lead and modem down here with me in the living room, with cable sort of trailing around the house. Nope wont be too happy with

Well I suppose I had better get a shift on, I only really have till 4ish till D comes back home and peace is
Flying towards my dreams @11:42 am

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