Am absolutely shattered..
Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Have been up since 6.45am this morning and am now shattered, plus I had a bad night anyway.. :-(

For some reason while watching the new version of Macbeth on t.v. last night I started getting all dizzy. Couldnt really explain it. Anyway just sat there hoping it would pass, but it got worse. If I stood up I fell down, and I felt really light headed. It was hard to explain, almost like being drunk but without the drink. Gods it felt weird.

When I went to bed, that was the worse feeling - everytime I layed down the room swam and I felt like I was falling. I ended up propping myself up on about 4 pillows just to stop myself from feeling giddy.

D and I thought that maybe it was my sugar levels taking one hell of a dive, so before I went to bed I ate a bar of chocolate, a banana and honey sandwich - just to send the sugar levels high.

After sleeping, the sleeping tablet knocked me out in the, I woke up at 6ish, saw D off to work and then cos I was wide awake got showered, dressed and did some bits around the house. I had all the housework done before 10am..that was good going for me.

Then when I sat down for a cuppa, wallop - the giddiness and wooziness came back with a vengenance, just this time I was feeling sick with it now. And it was like being drunk, but I hadnt had a drink - unless you count a cup of tea And thats how I have been on and off all day, normally when I sit down.

Don't ask me how but I have managed to stitch a piece on one of the RR's that I have, luckily it was a quick little letter - still have another letter to stitch then I can send it off.

Just got back from the Dr's after seeing the nurse, and have to increase my asthma medication from a blue inhaler to brown inhaler..ahhhhh!!! Its not fair as I dont get it all year, its what they call seasonal asthma - it is only bad when winter appears.. So I have to go for an asthma checkup, just to see what my peak flow is etc....

It also appears that I have vertigo, which is what the giddiness and wooziness is. And there isnt anything they can do, as its an ear infection or something to do with the ear, and you have to wait till it goes. Oh this is fun!!!!!!!

I rung D and asked him to shoot . You know if I was a horse I would have been shot ages ago.
Flying towards my dreams @3:17 pm

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