The most weirdest dream..
Tuesday, November 08, 2005

I had a really odd dream last night, and it is soooooo vivid this morning I cannot believe it.

This dream was with my beloved Barney - my gorgeous cat that died back in August. It was almost like Barney was alive and well again. She looked so healthy and her coat was so glossy..but she was a ghost. She never ate, or drunk or used the litter tray the whole time she was with me in this dream. When she had to go she would go through a keyhole in the door, or a small crack in the window where it was open a wee bit.. it was really odd.

Yet you could hold her, touch her, cuddle her or snuggle into her fur - and she smelt so like Barney. She purred when you cuddled her, or she sat on your lap when you wanted to be quiet. It felt so real that I really thought she was alive still and with me.

When I woke up, I didnt feel distressed that she was gone, for some reason I felt a lovely calm over me, and knew that my Barney was with me at all times, always there to give me a cuddle.

I always said when we buried her, that she wasnt gone and that if anyone would come back to me in death, it would be my Barney. And she has made herself known finally..

Its really strange though, but since this dream last night - this morning I have been calm, and I know that things are going to be okay however difficult it may feel at the time.
Flying towards my dreams @10:01 am

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